Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C-ute 6th Albums "Chou WONDERFUL!6" Announced

Woohoo! C-ute's 6th album, titled "Chou WONDERFUL!6" has been announed. Honestly, with the announcement of Berryz' 7th album, I've been anticipating this news =) Not only that, but we have a tracklist AND a preview of the title song!

1. Chou Wonderful!
2. Midnight Temptation
3. Kiss me Aishiteru
4. Iza Susume! Steady go!
5. Lu Lu Lu Lu Lu
6. Wakaretakunai...
7. Aitai Lonely Christmas
8. Circle
9. Dance de Bakoon!
10. 3ban Home 3ryou Me
11. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokata~

Concert recording of Chou Wonderful!

So far I really like Chou Wonderful!, it reminds me a lot of JUMP which is one of my favorite C-ute songs. The rest of the titles sound promising, but that's not much to go by. However, if the albums follows the trend of the opening song, then we're in for a treat! I'm really holding out for a Nakky solo, of course, or at least a duet between Nakky and someone.

Oh yeah, and the DVD tracklist has been released as well:

1. "Chou WONDERFUL!6" Jacket Shoot Making
2. "Kiss me Aishiteru" Dance Shot Ver.
3. "Kiss me Aishiteru" Dance Lesson Making Video (Tentative)

From what I can assume, the lesson making will be a video of the girls during their dance lessons, which sounds neat!

Now I'm really excited for this XD Release date is March 23rd, and I'm gonna go preorder my copy now!

Friday, January 28, 2011

New MomoClo Single: Mirai Bowl PV!

My first non-Nakky post XD

I absolutely ADORE MomoClo. Akarin is my number 2 Idol of all time (so sad that she's graduating (T-T)), and I really love all the other girls as well. So when I saw that this PV came out today, I flipped! Man, this PV is SO GOOD. So much Akarin (*.*) And the song is really fun, too. This is by far my favorite of their PVs, and it's becoming one of my favorite songs by them now! I really don't have much constructive to say about this, I'm sort of just a blubbering mess because of how good it is XD

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Nakky Collection

Well like I promised in the last post, today I'll be sharing with you my collect of Nakky goods! Just a warning, this post is gonna be picture heavy! Also, please excuse the crudity of some of the photos, I don't have the most steady hands and the flash on my phone has a mind of it's own, so some photos have a wicked glare.

Anyway, we'll start off with...


Since Nakky has only released one solo PB, obviously this is the only one I have XD NACKY is actually the first piece of Hello! Project merch I ever bought. I ordered it from YesAsia on Christmas day 2009 with a Visa Gift Card my dad had given me. I was so excited! I even paid extra for fast shipping, but it didn't come until well into January. Moral of the story is use HMV, not YesAsia =D


These are only towels in the dictionary sense, they are most certainly NOT for practical towel use XD But that's fine, since I wouldn't want to dry off with them anyway! Both of these are from Hello Store USA. The ABC tour towel (right) was part of the first batch of goods I bought from HSU!


I'm pretty sure most would consider me a bad wota because I wear and wash both of these shirts a LOT, but how can I not wear them all the time?! Not only are they super comfy, but they show off just how much I love Nakky <3 The left shirt is from C-ute's Dance Special concert, I bought it off HSU. I'm so disappointed in myself for not buying the Akuma no Tsubuyaki shirt while they had it =( The shirt on the right is something I was lucky enough to find on Ebay! Not sure what even it's from though.





Not much to say about these, except that they're photocards XD When I first started getting photocards, I would stick them on my wall like posters. Not a good idea. Luckily none of them got damaged! I've started keeping them in a binder now =)



Phone Strap


The last odds and ends of my Nakky collection =) The Uchiwa is hung up on my wall, and at one point I was using poster stickies that couldn't handle the weight of it. I woke up one morning and it was gone! Luckily I found it hidden behind my bed before my cats decided it would be fun to chew on it. The phone strap used to be on my phone, but when I got a new one it didn't have a place to put straps, so now it's on my DS =D The compact...it's kind of an odd piece, it's rather large and doesn't fit in a purse very well, but it was part of an HSU exclusive collection so I decided to pick it up XD

And that's it! Of course, being the wota-shop-a-holic I am, I've got plenty more Idol goods and I'm planning on buying plenty more Nakky goods once I get some money in my bank account. Next time I post goods, it'll be my C-ute collection!

I got my first follower!

Wooo! Another Nakky fan whose blog I read is now following me <3 Everyone please check out Melisa http://nakkylove.blogspot.com/! Also, stay tuned for my next post where I share my Nakky collection =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nakky's Top Ten Live Performances

The Church's first top ten list! What better way to start off than with Nakky's top ten live perfs?

10. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru

Kind of a silly thing to put on this list, since it's so short, but I aboslutely ADORE Nakky's audition for Hello! Pro Kids. She was so adorable (she still is =P) and she sounded good to boot! Back when Nakky was younger, she always looked like she was about to cry XD I'm not sure why, but it was so cute!

9. First Kiss

First Kiss is Nakky's favorite song, so it's really awesome for her to be able to perform it. It's so cute to see her mess up the dance and then miss her line near the end, and she doesn't even get flustered, she just keeps on going! This was requested at the fanclub event, so they hadn't rehearsed at all. Airi has performed the song plenty of times, since she was originally in it, and Chisato had performed it before at their first concert. Nakky's never been in this song, though, so given that she does really well!

8. Time Capsule

I really like when Nakky sings Time Capsule. It's cute and dainty, like her. The real reason I like this perf, though, is because it's from Erika's graduation concert. I think it's so sweet that she got to do a duet with her, and while watching Nakky's solo shot of the concert, you can see at one point she looks like she's about to cry. You can really tell that she's grateful to duet with Erika one last time and that she was going to miss her a lot.

7. Ii Koto Aru no Shunkan

I love this song, it's one of my favorite's off of 4th "Ikimasshoi!". It really suits Nakky, since it's cute without being overwhelming. She does a really nice job with it, too! My favorite part is in the beginning, when she tells everyone to stand up. So cute (*.*)

6. Kimi no Senpou

When I heard Nakky get all the speaking parts in this song, I was eccstatic! She really shows off her acting skills here, acting kind of tsundere throughout the whole perf. Plus, she does the ノソ*^ o゚) face!

5. Pira! Otome no Negai

I love this perf so much! MaiMai was originally supposed to be in this performance, but came down with the flu, so Nakky took nearly all of her lines! And she nailed every last one. She gives the perf so much energy and sounds great.

4. Chokotto LOVE

For me, this is the quintessential Pucchimoni V performance. I nearly lost my mind when all the eggs came running out, it looked so cool XD Anyway, Nakky sounds great and is super energetic. Plus, she's the center! That's awesome! It doesn't hurt that she gets my favorite part of the song, either (the desu ne? part that Sayaka does in the original).

3. Natsu DOKI Lipstick

...Okay, so technically I'm cheating by putting this on here. Nakky doesn't sing in this perf, but she dances. Oh boy, does she DANCE! This really shows why Nakky is called the Cutie Queen of Dance. Just. Wow.

2. Aishiteru Aishiteru

Nakky's first concert solo! Aishiteru Aishiteru really is Nakky's song. It's absolutely perfect for her, like it was written just for her. She does a terrific job, too. She nails the vocalizations, and the way she emotes is great! Love, love, love this perf <3

1. Yuukai Shoujo

This song isn't from a concert or solo event, but from a play she starred in back in 2009. This is absolutely her best vocal perfomance ever. She sounds so beautiful and emotional. Her acting is top notch in this perf. If ever there was something you could call flawless in the world, it would be this performance.

A Profile of Myself

I figure I should do one of these, since when I (hopefully!) get readers they'll want to know a bit about me =)

Name: Dani
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Hometown: Philladelphia, PA
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Baby Back Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Udon, Anything Spicy
Least Favorite Food: Vegetables, Fruits, Anything Bitter
Hobbies: Singing, The Internet, Being an Wota =)
Favorite Idols: Nakajima Saki, Hayami Akari, Minegishi Minami, Oota Aika, Sato Sumire, Komori Mika, Ikuta Erina, Nishikunihara Reiko, Urano Kazumi, Akita Kazue, Serina, Kinoshita Yukiko, Matsui Jurina, Goto Maki
Favorite Idol Groups: C-ute, Momoiro Clover, AKB48, SDN48, no3b
Favorite Songs: Beginner (AKB48), Wasuretakunai Natsu (C-ute), JUMP (C-ute), Tane (no3b), Eros no Trigger (SDN48), Iiwake Maybe (AKB48), Oogoe Diamond (AKB48), Hashire! (Momoiro Clover), Kimi to Sekai (Momoiro Clover)

Welcome to the Church of Nakky!

Welcome, everyone!

Thanks for stopping by the Church of Nakky. I've tried blogging many times before, but it never seemed to work out. This time, I'm going to give my best effort to blog every day!

Anyway, you're probably wondering what this blog is even about. For the most part, this blog will be about Nakajima Saki, my absolute favorite Idol. I'll also blog about other various Idols, such as Morning Musume, AKB48, and Momoiro Clover. I'll report Idol news as well as some other fun things, like reviews, top ten lists, etc. I hope you enjoy this blog and read it often!

-Dani (The Church of Nakky)